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Onward to Temple 39!

So what happened?!? Right? I promise to keep everyone updated and I go dark for two weeks. Well, I took a day of rest after temple 38, so it seemed liked the best time to setup blogging from my phone. Wish me luck!

Though we may stumble, we must never forget to keep our chin up and eyes fixed on the horizon ahead

Eyes On The Prize

In the first few days, I was slammed with what felt like a scalding fire directly below my left knee. This was accompanied by a massive amount of blisters and general sunburn. After only the fourth day I had to take my first day off. It was devastating to say the least.

But I fought.

Through the pain I realized nothing comes to those who don’t withstand the tests put before them. My fellow Hikers had many problems that I escaped from easily. My tent is warm at night. My rain gear (North Face Pro Hard Shell FTW!) is excellent, and I had the luxury of two years gym training under my belt. Even with these luxuries i have had to withstand other mishaps. However, I’m always willing to get back on the horse.

When Will We Learn About The Hike??

Well, there are a few answers. (1) You can follow me on Twitter. From there I will update whenever possible. Soon I hope to take more pictures of other people and temples. For now it is mostly small updates on my location. (2) You can keep reading my blog! Please do! However, I must apologize that I won’t have as much time to update it as I will Twitter.

For Now

I’m excited to keep moving! I’m soon entering the second half of the Henro portion of my journey. As it continues, I’ll update you on what’s going on, rant about philosophy, and provide some first hand experience for those wishing to follow in my footsteps.

And the beat goes on…