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So, I made a desk

This is my stand-up desk!!!!!1!Trek across japan, what a romantic journey. I mean, I think about it every night. 5 months, over two thousand kilometers, wow. To me, it’s a dream. Every day, I plan the dream, and every day it gets closer. But I have to ask myself…. How do you train for such a thing?

We all start somewhere…

In physics, acceleration is the change in velocity over time. Currently, I sit all day. I wake up, check my e-mail (sitting), go to work and teach (sitting), come home and surf the internet (sitting). If I’m going to walk such a distance, I should be doing a lot more than sitting!

So I made a desk….

Not just any desk. I made a stand-up desk out of shelving. (Three guess on what Leonardo Di Vinci, Winston Churchill, and Donald Rumsfeld had in common) I’ve read in many places the pros of owning a stand-up desk. There are many sites that guide you through the process. If you’re like me, with limited patience and the bank account of a magpie, an adjustable shelving unit should do fine.  Why is this key to my voyage across Japan? Well, we all have to start somewhere. Maybe if I stand up more, I will become more active. Maybe if I become more active, I will walk more. Maybe if I walk more, I will trek through Japan. Maybe if I trek through Japan, I will find some awesome sushi. Isn’t that what life is about?

Well, that and pizza.

Costs! Part 1

Tabuse!! It’s looking like this will be an expensive quest! I’ve been doodling mind maps between classes recently, the most recent of which being my first brainstorm of costs. I plan to tweak this list as time goes on, but I would love to hear what you think! Here’s a basic outline:

Hiking/Backpacking Supplies:

  • Backpack – 60 liters would be best.
  • Clothes – undergarments, pants, shorts, shirts, rain jackets/pants, swimming trunks, and sunglasses
  • Shoes – Boots!
  • Sleeping stuff – sleeping bag, pad, and bivy sack!
  • Henro essentials – More details later
  • Hiking essentials – First aid kit, shovel, sunscreen, compass, water bottles
  • Backpacking needs – a grill


  • Camera – Possibly a FlipHD with extra SD cards

Other costs:

  • My stuff! – Boxes and shipping (to America), Storage… or just sell it off.
  • Future costs – Apartment, Taxes, Insurance
  • Loans and bills – Personal loans, Student loans, and my cell phone bill!

Any recommendations?! More soon…