One day more… A reflection on Kechigan

Tomorrow, I will arrive at temple 88 in the early morning. For Shikoku, that will be the end. I’ll spend time looking into the various volunteer opportunities for Tohoku, spend a day or so in Tokyo, then off to Tohoku.

When nearing the end, it’s hard not to contemplate the meaning of that ending

What is Kechigan? Did you get it?

Well… This is the word used to mean you have visited all 88 temples. You’ve ‘kechigan’d, persay. The definition varies from person to person. Some say it means visiting every temple, and some say it is visiting every temple and visiting the first temple you went to once more to make a complete circle.

For me, completing the circle seems to fit the phrase more. However, my goal isn’t to achieve some sort of Medellin of completion. I came here to bring the dreams and intentions of those I love as well as have a chance at living the transformative experience this pilgrimage has to offer.

After tomorrow, I will have done just that. Then I will have a few days to relax while I wait to hear from volunteer organizations. Then a few purchases in Tokyo and I’ll be off once again!

Sadly, this post lacks the eloquence and imaginative language I try to fit into my other posts. My apologies for that. I must type this in a handicap restroom, and the awkwardness of doing so slackens my ability to speak with my heart.

Lol, with that – I’m off to unplug, write and sleep one last time in the beautiful nature of Shikoku!

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