I’m In….

With less than 24 hours until I’ve been clean shaven, clothed, and sent off into my personal voyage of hope; I can’t help but feel terrible at my lack of updating the world on the most recent changes in my plans.

Even while my life required me to keep moving, I never stopped keeping the thoughts and wishes of those closest to me, with me, as close as anyone can ever be.

Plan Until the Plan Changes

A wise man once told me this phrase. If you go full-throttle into everything you do without ever taking time to contemplate the world around you, how can you know you’ve gone in the right direction?

As many of you know, Eastern  Japan was devastated with recent tragedies. The scope of which I have never been witness to before. Honestly, I still haven’t had such an experience, being that my work keeps me in the far west of Japan. That being said, my heart bleeds with the need to help. I do not wish to bore you with endless dribble about a possible self-righteous holier-than-thou messiah complex. I only want to do my part. Being that I have the ability to set aside months of free time, I’m lucky to have the chance to give as much as I can.

So How Does This Change Things?

I must apologize. I’m in love with my hike. I’ve planned every piece of it for years, and i’ve been looking forward to it for even longer. My apology goes out to those who’ve donated money. This is because my hike has changed. I will still complete the entirety of the buddhist pilgrimage around shikoku. This will be the first 40 days of my journey. However after this, I will go to eastern Japan to help with transporting food and providing spot translation. (I definitely can’t translate, however I can provide simple, “Do you need water?” translations). There are a few companies I am looking at, so I will let you know when I decide (after I have completed the first section).

Eventually, I will complete the journey by traveling the old roads of Japan. However, to assuage my need to do my part, I must go to Eastern Japan. I will still portray your wishes and dreams the entire time, but if you would like your money back please let me know.

Where’s the FAQ and the Contribution Page?????

Yes… I haven’t had the time to post since the earthquake. My apologies for this! However, be rest assured! I will post everything after the hike. From there, I’ll make a documentary and everyone will be in the credits as well as on this website!

So… You’re Really Doing It?

Yes. In 11 hours I will shave my head. 7 hours after that I will leave for the biggest journey of my life. Please check back to this website every once in a while, or follow me on twitter or facebook. I will let you know where I am.

As ineloquent as this post may be, let me end it with this. We all have dreams, right? I’ve said it many times, but it begs being repeated. We all have dreams. I want to prove those dreams are worth it!

I will do just that.

I promise. 約束よ

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