Ice Baths and Convulsions from the Deepest Netherworlds

Teeth-chattering, gut-wrenching, and consciousness-challenging… All words I’ve recently used to explain my newest adventure to my students, here in Japan. Every time I’ve mentioned the idea and the diet/exercise program I’ve adopted along the way, my wonderful students wonder audibly whether my sanity has been in check, or thrown by the wayside.

Change is inevitable. Controlling change creates results in otherwise impossible situations.

Just one piece of the provided puzzle; Every day, when I wake up, and when I go to bed, I heat a cup of tea, draw a bath, and throw in a few bags of ice. I then proceed to jump in, and ride it out for 20 minutes. Doing so, my body, after exercise, feels sore less, and I will possibly lose centimeters off of my waist. But why go through the trouble?

You see, recently I’ve become a fan of Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4 Hour Body. This books fascinates me. I’ve had the chance of reading many books detailing different diet plans, different plans for gaining or losing weight, but this one struck a note I don’t usually let the world see. A secret world that few have realized exists. I’m happy to say that I’ve been a member since my 7th grade science project entitled, “Sleep Deprivation and it’s Effects on a Middle School Student.”

Self Preservation vs. Self Renewal

What I’m talking about can easily be expressed in two words, “Self Experimentation.” It sounds crazy, really. Thinking of this conjures up images of illicit drugs and back alleyways. Well, To calm my family down, I’d like to quickly lay out my little disclaimer:

I am in no way, tampering with illegal substances, attempting to do anything crazy, and definitely not shooting myself up with heroin or anything of the sort.

With that out of the way, let me describe my interpretation of Self Experimentation. I’ve always been interested in my abilities, strengths, and most importantly weaknesses. Why do I have acne? why can’t I do the splits? Why can I only stay awake for 56 hours without hallucinations? From these questions, I always find myself reaching for the limits of my ability and recording the results along the way. Let me say that last piece once again, recording the results along the way. I believe Self Experimentation, simply stated, provides evidence (although anecdotal at times) for those performing more clinical studies. We do this everyday. we risk holding cell phones to our face (or worryingly keeping them in our pants), why not be more conscious of things and provide results whenever possible.

That book, is, like… an instruction booklet for physical Self Experimentation. Okay, that doesn’t describe it exactly. It’s more like the diary of a Self Experimenter.

My Notes

With that, I’ve slowly been revamping my base site, to showcase my present self-experiments. The first one can be described as a combination of characteristics found in the earlier mentioned literature. If you would like to learn more about these experiments, please subscribe to my base-blog and you’ll receive updates whenever my body decides to produce results one way or another!

Masochism vs. Curiosity

Some of my friends have asked me if I revel in pain. I’d like to clear everything, and say no… no, I don’t. What I revel in can be described as possibilities. What can I do? What can you do? What are we capable of, alone, and together? And for that, I do something as crazy as take two ice filled baths every day.


  1. jeannette

    I found out today the gym has a cold bath. Some crazy ladies were jumping in it screaming “samui!” Is that cold enough for what you need? It’s convenient cause it’s next to the nice hot bath.

  2. Krijali

    Hey! That actually isn’t cold enough for the 20 minute thing. However, it does the same thing if you jump in between the two a few times – at least as far as muscle soreness.

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