The First $500

This last weekend I took a quick trip to my favorite backpacking store in this area. After spending many hours in the store, I finally made a few purchases. I have been saving for a while and it was finally time to make the first major set of purchases.

What’s most important when hiking for three months?

My First PurchaseSleep, sleep, sleep and feet. With that, my first purchase consisted of a sleeping bag, a mattress, shoes and more socks! The sleeping bag was recommended to me by a friend. It’s a Mont-bell ultra light spiral Down Hugger (#3). It’s graded for a comfortable 0 degrees Celsius, and it’s really really small.

The mattress is an ultra-light, 165 cm mattress from a company called Isuka. Originally, I planned on buying a shorter mattress but… then again, I’ll be hiking for a few months.

I also purchased Keen hybrid-life hiking shoes. I’m really excited to get out with them!

AAAAAND some socks.

The Next Step

The next step is to continue my training, save money, and work on the next purchases. Next, I’m looking at tents, clothes, and smaller items. Soon, I’ll post more on the development of the themes I want to portray along the way!


  1. gail ingram

    Kristopher, Carrie Suenaga’s Mom here! Recently I was reading about one of the ancient roads around Kobe….would love to be able to do what you are doing…contemplate, contemplate the earth and spirituality, my fellow man….a great way to spend time….and thank you for sharing in writing and pics. And for giving of yourself to help those in the east. Blessings to you for real!

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