An Overdue Update

With only a few months left until my hike, it’s such a pity I haven’t had the chance to let everyone in on my current state of affairs. So, in a quick, dirty, and awesome update – Here’s the deal.

The Inevitable Wall

As with any project, there have been many pitfalls along the way. I’ve had difficulties, recently, finding time to go for practice hikes, finding time to study Japanese, and finding time to think over my goals and reasoning for such a taxing journey. More importantly, I haven’t had time to update all of you regarding the status of things as time goes on. Originally, my plan was to update you twice a week. After a while, this schedule wasn’t conducive to the events that actually went down. Plus, I want to begin a Japanese version of this blog.

So I’ve decided to update when it hits me. Easy enough, right?

Not exactly. Instead of adhering to a schedule, it’ll be difficult to have accountability. So I’ve created a system. That system is chocolate. If I finish a post, I’ll eat a piece of chocolate. Let’s see how it goes!

Given The Circumstances

With this in mind, I’ve still had many steps and leaps toward my goal. The cash needed for the hike has been building slowly. However, with each day comes a new chance to slip up. I’ve come to demand of myself a todo list in the morning. More of an anti-todo list. With a few select items, I mark the slight travesty of accomplishment. For example:

  • Don’t spend money needlessly at convenience stores.
  • Don’t waste hours without purpose.
  • Don’t check Digg every 23 seconds.

This list contains the things I wish not to do during the day. The list won’t strictly control my life, just provide a reminder of what I don’t want to do.

The Bottom Line

I’ve hit many hardships along the way, especially in the form of cash, but there’s always a chance to find opportunities in situations that otherwise seem to have none. Every moment overwhelmingly overflows with decisions. Each decision provides a different path for the future. Interestingly enough, each path has consequences and each path has benefits. Focusing on the benefits and acknowledging the consequences provides a consciousness of the situation. And so,

My new goal; Maximize every moment to it’s full potential. I recommend you do the same.


  1. RobG

    “If I finish a post, I’ll eat a piece of chocolate.”

    I am shocked by this horrific news. I hope you mean a *bar* of chocolate. And I hope eating bars of chocolate is not just limited to after writing blog posts!

    Anyway, I think it’s a good idea to not waste time or money. Personally, I only go to convenience stores to pay my bills, never to buy anything. I also recommend never using vending machines. Everything can be found much cheaper at the supermarket.

    Good luck!

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