Where Have I Been?

Life is full of a multitude of gifts, surprises, plans, and settings. Sometimes a blessing, and sometimes a curse, it can be quite difficult to decide which is which at first glance. This describes the latent issue I hadn’t foreseen in my plan for this site. You see, I began with a simple goal. That goal was to explain the preparation, and eventually continue with a follow-through once it had occurred. I, then, brainstormed my plans for the site. And so began the problem.

By complicating each piece of the journey, the adventurer inside of you subsides and gives in to the bystander inherent to all of us.

Therein lies the problem, complexity. After I started this blog, I slowly began my plans to work with video which needs countless hours of processing on my old Powerbook G4. I grasped at the Japanese version of this blog in an attempt to jump start it. I began collecting all of the data I could while setting up habits and lifehacks to help… Anyway, it became too complicated while I was in the midst of my English conversation classes, studying of the Japanese language. And then there was LOST, countless blogs, and other things (i.e. sleep). Altogether I’ve been so busy preparing for things, and because of that, I have been neglecting the blog itself. And for that, I’ve decided to rekindle that flame, regroup, and change a few dates. I’m simplifying everything so I can continue providing as best I can.

Does this mean you’re quitting the walk?

Absolutely not! I have been planning continually this month, like every other month up to now. I even made my first purchase. I bought socks from a hiking store near Hiroshima. The socks are my first official purchase of my ever-growing budget. I’m also in the midst of reading a few books to help guide my journey (through the paths of those who came before me.

Does this mean there won’t be video?

Nope! It simply means the video will take a little longer to get up and running. I’m quite excited for it! and I hope you are too!

So what does this mean?

It means I’m getting back to writing. I will be posting slower than I had in the past. However, I hope to keep posts as content rich as possible. I plan to do that through my system of simplification. Get things done, and do them well. As lacking in poetic language as this post may be, I hope it gives an explanation for the wait between posts. If you have any questions, let me know. Until then, Stay tuned!

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