Advice From My Mentors

Just Do It! (Click for Results)To consolidate the laundry list of advice I’ve received lately, I thought it would be ideal to let everyone in on my progress. After reading through e-mail, comments, and links to other blogs; I’ve narrowed down the list to key ingredients which hadn’t entered my mind without the help of those who’ve gone before me. Without further ado:


Anyone familiar with the Puss in Boots would see the importance of boots. Along with this, I’ve been reminded about the importance of trying on everything. Happily I have a year to look around locally before buying anything!

Psh! Who needs maps?

Yeah – my thought exactly. Seriously, why would you need maps while hiking for five months??? (Read: Sarcasm)

Freezing Sleeping Bags!

The rating system of sleeping bags are not necessarily a comfortable temperature. They’re more of a minimum (who knew!)

A Blade (not that one)

Although I would prefer bringing a sword (Wouldn’t that just be awesome?), a small utility knife could come in handy. So for now it’s made the list.

Water Bladders F(or)T(he)W(in)!

I do think it will be a much better idea to use a bladder system as opposed to water bottles.

Calculate, Calculate, Calculate

I received overwhelming amounts of advice when it comes to calculating different things. Whether that be calories, distances, or the best time to see cherry blossoms on Shikoku.

Knowing Where One’s Towel Is

This was brought to my attention. Very, very, very important.


    • Krijali

      Haha! Thanks! The picture is from a playground near where I live. It’s a stone ‘ship’ if you will. Complete with jagged edges for kids to impale on. Definitely not something you’d see in the states.

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