Supplies, Supplies, and More Supplies!

Spending the afternoon crawling through the web of backpacking supply chains, I’ve come up with the possible candidates for my supplies for the trip! This is a brainstorming post, so please bear with me. I will keep an esimated running total as we go. Please critique my selections!


I never knew there was such a vast array of backpacks. I did some preliminary searches and came upon the Deuter 65 liter bag. The Deuter 65 liter seems like it would fit me the best. (My torso height is roughly 18 inches, the journey will probably require between 60 and 70 liters). I’ve been searching around stores in the town I currently live in (Shunan, Yamaguchi, Japan), and sadly they had nothing hardcore enough to work. So I will be buying this through Amazon, here. (Unless one of my awesome commenters have a better idea). Running Total: ¥22,500 ($225)


This will be a little murky. My plan is to simply buy local, breathable clothes. I would love to buy some fisherman pants, but I don’t know how well that will go down. As I listed in my first costs post, I plan to buy sunglasses as well. I am setting aside around ¥30,000, bringing my running total to ¥52,500 ($525)


Completely based on personal preference, I’ll set a budget at ¥10,000. I would love to hear any opinions, and I’ll be e-mailing around to see what people have to say about this. Running Total: ¥62,500 ($625)

Sleeping Stuff

Whooo! This is difficult to decide on. I will be hiking for 5 months. I assume I will need something that will be rated at 0 degrees celsius. From there, I’ve found possibilities locally between ¥7,000 and ¥9,000. With that, I also plan on ordering a bivy sack. I found this one, but I have a feeling it’s too expensive. Running Total: ¥94,500 ($945)

Henro Gear

As seen everywhere you search for Henro(ness) (The pilgrimage around Shikoku), it’d be best to wear clothes like this. I assume it will cost me under ¥10,000, bringing my running total to ¥104,500 ($1045)

Other Hiking Gear

At last I will be setting aside another ¥15,000 for other hiking essentials. This will include a first aid kit, a shovel, a compass, maps, and water bladders. Running Total: ¥119,500 ($1195)


Okay, this is one of the most fun to research for me, being a geek. I will be bringing a handheld camera, similar to the Flip HD. I decided to go with the Kodak Zi8. The reasoning for this was the ability to swap out CF cards. This will make it possible to shoot an unlimited amount (well, almost). I will do a few tests whether I need to buy extra batteries. With this I will be purchasing as many CF cards as I can before I go (because of that I won’t be figuring them into this total for right now). Running Total:¥139,500 ($1395)

Solar Charging

Why solar charging? The goal here was to keep off the electrical grid as much as I possibly can. I will be bringing my phone (mostly for emergency purposes) as well as the camera. So, I started looking for solar charging that could work in a backpacking environment. So, I spent a long time looking for the most rugged panels I could as well as the largest panels that would work. It turns out, I think I will be better off buying a Solio Mag and a Solio Rocsta. I decided on this mix though it may change. Running Total: ¥155,500($1555)


As far as food is concerned, I am planning about ¥1,000 a day. So a high estimate puts me at a running total of ¥300,000 ($3000)

Everything Else!

I’ll be attempting to save another ¥400,000 for loans, taxes, shipping, and living costs after the trip is over. That brings my running total to ¥700,000 ($7,000).

In Conclusion…

Looking at my list, it looks a little daunting to find this money within 11 months. I hope it’s possible! Wish me luck, and if you know anywhere I could find things for cheaper, let me know! I would love to hear any and all opinions.


  1. Ken Gwynn

    As far as boots go, I remember some fella, in the U.S. set up pay pal account and a website to have people donate to his running sandal fund.

    Seems like he got about $5.00

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