Research, Episode 2 (Video Edition)

Wandering around Youtube and Google Video, I decided to delve into my most recent research assignment. I’ve been focusing so much on text, I wanted, desperately, to look into the footsteps of those who’ve come before me. I had received a few e-mails from my new mentors with links to videos. This inspired the following expedition!

Project Go – Those Who Came Before

This playlist contains an ever-growing listing of the videos I’ve stumbled upon or been recommended to me during my preparations. I included some trailers as well as a few multipart pieces. I did, however leave out most of the Shikoku pilgrimage documentaries. There are so many of them it can be overwhelming.

Walking Across the Atlantic

I just happened upon this video. I think it’s a wonderful poem and the animation goes very well with it.

Kintaro Walk Japan

At 1 hour and 6 minutes, this video far surpasses the others I’ve watched in length (so far). A good visual journey through Japan, the film tells the story of a man looking for his father’s birthplace. The storyline is good and the humor conjured many chuckles out of me.

In conclusion…

There are many wonderful videos out there about hikes through Japan and hikes around the world. Most of the other videos I’ve been watching have been from the TED conferences. These are also inspiring and I recommend going to their website and watching a few. I would place a bet that you would be inspired by the end of the first presentation.

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