So, I made a desk

This is my stand-up desk!!!!!1!Trek across japan, what a romantic journey. I mean, I think about it every night. 5 months, over two thousand kilometers, wow. To me, it’s a dream. Every day, I plan the dream, and every day it gets closer. But I have to ask myself…. How do you train for such a thing?

We all start somewhere…

In physics, acceleration is the change in velocity over time. Currently, I sit all day. I wake up, check my e-mail (sitting), go to work and teach (sitting), come home and surf the internet (sitting). If I’m going to walk such a distance, I should be doing a lot more than sitting!

So I made a desk….

Not just any desk. I made a stand-up desk out of shelving. (Three guess on what Leonardo Di Vinci, Winston Churchill, and Donald Rumsfeld had in common) I’ve read in many places the pros of owning a stand-up desk. There are many sites that guide you through the process. If you’re like me, with limited patience and the bank account of a magpie, an adjustable shelving unit should do fine.  Why is this key to my voyage across Japan? Well, we all have to start somewhere. Maybe if I stand up more, I will become more active. Maybe if I become more active, I will walk more. Maybe if I walk more, I will trek through Japan. Maybe if I trek through Japan, I will find some awesome sushi. Isn’t that what life is about?

Well, that and pizza.


  1. Kelly and Jason

    That’s cool, Kris! Just don’t be too rough on your shoulders. Do you have an extension keyboard and/or mouse? I’d switch off and on when possible if you do. I remembered reading something about this a few years back and it always lingered in the back of my head. I know being a stay at home mom, most women tend to become more sedentary, so I made it a point in my mind not to sit throughout the day unless absolutely necessary. I even stand to work on the computer. Though I usually only have a minute here or there with little ones running around to look something up or send something off. I don’t get how women with chilren have time to sit and work at the computer or on anything for that matter! I only sit if I have a big chunk of work to get done (and they are napping — LOL!). Love ya, bro! Keep up the great work! XOXOX

  2. jeannetto

    I think this would keep me from using the computer too much, but when I have a project to do I wonder how I’d feel (like coloring some huge illustration on Photoshop).

  3. Krijali

    Kelly – Yeah I definitely understand! Thanks for the advice! It’s interesting reading some stay-at-home-mother’s blogs. I’ve noticed most of them seem to write during nap times, or late at night. It’s amazing really (having that much energy). I teach only two kids classes a week, and I need a nap after each one!

    Jeannetto! Yeah, that’s already been kind of the problem. But, After I get it to a comfortable height, it really isn’t too bad. I originally got the idea from my favorite movie editor (He did Apocalypse Now, and like everything amazingly edited after that). Who knows. We’ll see when I need to do something extremely long.

  4. Daysha Littlefield

    I highly recommend the shapeups shoes by sketchers. I have a pair and they are great. I say they need to be added to your prep list. I am impressed with the journey you are about to take. So glad you are keeping us up to date. Seriously though I love my shape ups.

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