Costs! Part 1

Tabuse!! It’s looking like this will be an expensive quest! I’ve been doodling mind maps between classes recently, the most recent of which being my first brainstorm of costs. I plan to tweak this list as time goes on, but I would love to hear what you think! Here’s a basic outline:

Hiking/Backpacking Supplies:

  • Backpack – 60 liters would be best.
  • Clothes – undergarments, pants, shorts, shirts, rain jackets/pants, swimming trunks, and sunglasses
  • Shoes – Boots!
  • Sleeping stuff – sleeping bag, pad, and bivy sack!
  • Henro essentials – More details later
  • Hiking essentials – First aid kit, shovel, sunscreen, compass, water bottles
  • Backpacking needs – a grill


  • Camera – Possibly a FlipHD with extra SD cards

Other costs:

  • My stuff! – Boxes and shipping (to America), Storage… or just sell it off.
  • Future costs – Apartment, Taxes, Insurance
  • Loans and bills – Personal loans, Student loans, and my cell phone bill!

Any recommendations?! More soon…


  1. Jake Wakefield offers a different daily deal on some backpacking equipment. If you’re not in a rush, you can usually get a good deal.

    Also, like Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, never leave home without a towel! Msg me if you have any questions about backpacking.

  2. Krijali

    Jeannetto – I will do just that. Then I can become ‘that crazy gaijin hunter.’ It will be legendary!

    Kelly – Macgyver is my new mentor for this trip. I hope I can live up to his contraptions!

    Jake – Awesome! I will definitely bug you for more advice soon. And I will, of course, not leave without a towel.

    Rob – Good point! but then what do I do with the bo…di..e… never mind : D

  3. Dale Van Atta

    Lots of fun and so well written. As this will keep your sanity and dreams of the future, it is very worthwhile — even life-saving, perhaps.

    When exactly are you going?
    How good is your Japanese?
    Are there campsites or “wilderness” areas? I wouldn’t eliminate a very light shovel yet, depending on how much you’ll be in the backwoods. Digging a latrine is pretty vital and eco-friendly depending on the facilities of where you’re going.
    If you walked every day for the time you are going, what would be the average mileage (please convert from kilometers, if you can)?

    Uncle Dale

    • Krijali

      Uncle Dale,

      Thank you for keeping me accountable! I made this list a few weeks ago, and forgive the ignorance, I had completely forgotten why I had written a shovel onto the list. That’s exactly the reason I would need a small shovel. I kept forgetting because usually I go camping with other people, and I generally rely on them to remember. I’ll definitely be answering the other questions in more detail in a longer post, but now that you have me thinking about it:

      I’m leaving on March 1st, 2011. The trip will be between 4 and 5 months.

      My Japanese is conversation level, and hopefully it will be even better by that time. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and I’ve been working really hard at raising it to a more fluent level before I go.

      I will be going through many wilderness areas. Most specifically I will be climbing Mt. Fuji (which will require more equipment that I’ll be buying in Tokyo (cramp-ons and such).

      I never calculated the mileage per day actually. It would be 9 miles per day (4 months) to 14 miles per day (5 months). Also, with the ascent of Mount Fuji, A few days will be an elevation change of 12,333 feet.

      The ascent of Mount Fuji is really the only thing I’m worried about. More on that later (must run to class!) Thank you though!


  4. Walkingfool

    Climbing Mount Fuji outside the official climbing season (July-August) is generally considered not a good idea for people without a lot of hiking experience, so keep that in mind. Conditions can be quite perilous (snow, ice, high winds, etc) up until around mid-June. Plus if you climb Fuji in July or August (at the end of your walk?) you won’t need crampons.

    As for mileage per day, the average person can walk at a speed of around 5km (just over 3 miles) an hour. So 9 miles should take you less than 3 hours. What will you be doing for the rest of the day? Once you’ve done a bit of training (in the early stages of my own training before walking the Nakasendo I found the 20km mark a real barrier), you should be able to cover 25-30 km (15-18.5 miles) a day quite easily.

    Finally, I’d add a map (or rather maps) to your list of hiking essentials. A compass isn’t much use without one! And also, as someone above suggested, you might prefer a water pouch or water bladder to a water bottle.

    All the best!

    • Krijali

      Yeah, with Mt. Fuji I trust my hiking experience for mid June, but earlier definitely not. I think I will gauge it on the date I arrive there. If I’m over estimating (which I’m trying to do really), I’ll hopefully get to Kyoto early then double back. If that’s the case I should arrive there right at the beginning of the climbing season. We will see though. As time grows closer, my estimations should get better.

      Thank you for the information on walking. I had no idea what I should be estimating as far as distance!

      Also, it’s really weird I didn’t include maps as a part of my list of costs. Thank you for pointing that out. I may have forgotten for a long time! That could have been detrimental. I also agree about bringing a water bladder instead of a water bottle. I’ll do that.

      Thanks again!

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