The Plan; What if you could just do it?

The Road Ahead....Earlier today….

“In twelve months, two weeks, six days, and one evening, I will venture forth on a journey through the heart of Japan. My route will combine three famous routes into a 2,500 km hike. I will be hiking around the island of Shikoku, visiting the 88 temples of the longest walking pilgrimage in the Japan. From there I will trek through the historic roots of Japan on my way to Kyoto. Then I will take an Edo era route, the Nakasendo, through the picturesque mountains of Japan, from Kyoto to Tokyo. After this I will walk the Tokaido route back to Kyoto with a detour in order to climb Mount Fuji.”


The room around me began to become bothersome. The calendar from one of my students being among one of the only things on my barren wall stuck out as a reminder that I started this English-teaching-in-Japan career on an exhaustively abhorrent whim. My short desk seemed too ridiculous; cluttered with Japanese textbooks, empty glasses, and three Moleskine notebooks.  Next to this, the futon lies unmoved. I’d been using it as a chair, bed, and den of creativity throughout my year here. You know, Winston Churchill was also a believer in the power of naps…

“Wait, why?” A familiar voice rang in my head. I sat for a moment. Completely lost, I hadn’t given thought to such a simple question.

“Well, what if you could just do it?” I stammered… out loud.


After getting over the fact I just spoke out loud, to myself, I fell onto the futon. I needed to find an answer to this question, and I needed to find it quickly.

So, I turned my electronics off and cleaned my yoga area. I sat down and meditated for what seemed like forever (possibly three minutes…). I thought of the many different reasons I had for this trip. I thought of the many different reasons I shouldn’t go. And most importantly, I thought of the trip itself. I had my answer.

We all have dreams, things we wish to accomplish in life. I’ve heard from many people, “…dreams are only that, dreams.” From the bottom of my heart, I seriously, desperately, and fiercely need to believe they’re wrong.

I’m going on this journey for many reasons of both a professional and personal nature. I’m going to document all of it here, in order to do just that. I want to create an example to show people, they can achieve those dreams. Because I think they can.

And I will prove it.

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